This is a 'dry' course that teaches you what to do in an emergency situation
Learn CPR, improve your First Aid skills & be prepared for any emergency...
This PADI Specialty course combines flexible online self-study & in-person training

First AID & CPR

4-8 Hrs








Why do this course?

Being able to handle emergency situations and knowing what to do in order to save another’s life, is a crucial skill to have. If  you are someone who feels the same way, then this course is for you. If you are keen to take your diving further, to Rescue Diver and beyond, then this course is also a prerequisite…

The PADI Emergency First Response course is valuable, not only for divers, but anyone who wants to be prepared in any emergency situation.

  • Learn eight essential skills for helping others in an emergency.
  • Get hands-on experience administering CPR using a special manikin, practice bandaging and splinting, and apply your new skills in a role-playing scenario.


The course consists of two parts. Study online or offline using your computer or mobile. Once you have completed the theory, you will spend time with your instructor learning the practical skills needed. This course will build your confidence by giving you a good foundation of first aid knowledge and skills. You will be better able and willing to respond to an emergency situation.

Primary and Secondary Care are covered, where you will first learn how to handle immediate life-threatening emergencies, such as a non-breathing patient, shock and spinal injuries.  Secondary care looks at conditions that are not life-threatening.  Skills here, aim to ease pain and reduce further injury.

Recent training in CPR and first aid is a requirement to participate in the PADI Rescue Course and PADI Pro Courses.  If you haven’t been first aid certified in the last 24 months, then this is for you.

This 1 day course is classroom based. You can reduce the amount of time in class, by doing your theory online. Together with your Emergency First Response Instructor, you will start with the DVD and complete the knowledge reviews for the course.  Your instructor will go through the knowledge reviews with you and conduct a final exam to complete the course.

You will practice eight skills in Primary Care, learning how to perform CPR and ‘rescue breaths’ to a non-breathing adult.  You’ll also learn how to evaluate a scene for hazards and monitor a patient’s lifeline –  All the skills that increase a chance of survival before emergency medical services arrive.

In Secondary Care, you will practice injury and illness assessments and you’ll also practice bandaging and splinting.

Train With Us

We run our courses on the dates that best suit you. Simply email our bookings office on [email protected] and give them the dates you wish to be here. They will check availability and advise you on the course start date. Why not get a head start and do you theory online? Just mention that you would like to do this, and we will be happy to help.

Please Note:

The course price does not include any of the park fees, or your accommodation…

There are no course prerequisites or minimum age requirements.

Please remember that the course does not include park fees, accommodation or meals etc., so be sure to book them if needed. 

The course price includes the online PADI EFR ‘eManual’, your practical training and PADI certification.

This qualification contributes towards achieving your PADI Rescue Diver certification, your Master Diver and is also required for both the PADI Divemaster and Open Water Scuba Instructor certifications.

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